The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C. assists business entities in the recoveries of commercial or “BTB” debts (debts owed by one business to another) and judgments. Commercial debt collection can be sought for obligations involving commercial loans and leases, builders and developers, and all other business debts which involve professional services.

Commercial debt collection in Texas can be challenging, even when there’s already a judgment in place. Especially for small- to medium-sized businesses, the sophisticated debtor may not be as compelled to deliver payment if there is no legal representation urging the matter to move forward through judgment enforcement proceedings.

Sometimes our firm is called upon to handle a commercial debt claim from the very start (usually by sending a demand letter, followed by filing suit and then pursuing post-judgment enforcement.) At other times, we are asked to pursue judgment-enforcement proceedings when a judgment has been taken prior to its placement with our firm. Either way, we handle both scenarios with expertise and on a contingent fee basis.

While our clients prefer that we attempt to negotiate acceptable commercial resolutions to these debts, there are post-judgment enforcement mechanisms such as perfecting liens, writs of execution and turnover/receivership proceedings that are also available to procure payment from judgment-debtors.

With our legal knowledge and experience collecting commercial debts in Texas, our lawyers can help you find the most appropriate and effective strategy for you to seek the recovery of your outstanding commercial receivables.

And we’ll handle your commercial debt claims on a contingent fee basis.

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