Subrogation and Self-Insured Representation

The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C. represents insurance companies and self-insureds in claims involving damages caused by the negligence of others. Legal recoveries are a complex process and anyone considering presenting such a claim in Texas will benefit from the advice of a lawyer in the insurance subrogation and self-insured recoveries field.

Subrogation is the process wherein one person stands in place of another, typically in the case of an insurance claim or a claim owned by an assignee of the harmed party. A clear example of insurance subrogation would be in the case of car accidents. Typically, an insurance company will take care of the property damage and medical bills (or whatever else is covered under the policy) and then seek recovery from the at-fault party.

Of course, self-insureds (typically large companies and trucking companies) also must deal with these types of claims and have the same right to reimbursement from at-fault parties.

The most common subrogation and self-insured claims arise out of:

  • Automobile and tractor-trailer accidents
  • Construction defects and acccidents
  • Products liability (including fire damage and water damage, etc.)
  • Rental equipment and rental vehicle claims
  • Workers compensation liens
  • Fidelity claims

At The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C., we can help you pursue the recovery of these claims efficiently and promptly on a contingent fee basis. The plan of action for each case is governed by technical considerations such as jurisdiction, venue, the facts of the case and the at-fault part’s insurance coverage and/or other ability to pay. Call us today to learn how our legal recoveries process can help you in your subrogation and/or self-insured recoveries case.

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