The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C. is currently seeking accounts receivable from all types of businesses. We focus on debt owed to construction contractors, equipment rental companies, commercial leasing companies (office and equipment), suppliers, HVAC companies, security companies and more.

The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C. is also currently seeking subrogation files placed directly by insurance companies. Our subrogation practice includes automobile and truck accidents, workers compensation liens, construction defects, product defects, improper repair and/or installation, deductible recoveries, and more.

We will also help our clients and prospective customers enforce any judgments they own against one or more defendants.

To place an account, subrogation file or judgment with our firm, please contact one of our attorneys, either Chris Fusselman or Jason E. Wells, at (713) 960-1619 and we will be glad to discuss the case with you. We will evaluate the likelihood of success and provide you with options on how to proceed.

Current clients may feel free to mail or email all of the pertinent information (including a summary of the account) to us at Upon receipt of the file, it will be assigned to an attorney and we will provide you with an evaluation of the file as promptly as possible.

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