At some point in your lifetime, everyone has a dispute that they and another party cannot work out together. Fortunately, as a trained third-party neutral, Mr. Fusselman can help you resolve many conflicts without the parties ever going to court. Voluntary dispute resolution can help you come to an agreement and remain in compliance with the law, while saving the parties precious time, money and heartache.

Mr. Fusselman has over 27 years of experience helping parties resolve their disputes. Whether it’s about insurance claims, property damage claims, breach of contract claims, commercial debt or consumer debt — Mr. Fusselman is ready and available to help the parties find a solution, no matter the size of the dispute.

Mr. Fusselman is a trained mediator, having completed two courses of mediation training over his law school and legal career. In addition to serving as a mediator for select clients and dispute resolution centers, Mr. Fusselman has counseled his own clients in numerous mediations as an attorney. So, as both a third-party neutral and an attorney-advocate, Mr. Fusselman has gained a wholistic view of the process and possesses the tools necessary to assist erstwhile adversaries to find their common ground in a respectful and secure setting.

In addition to his mediation training, Mr. Fusselman has the benefit of a wide-ranging legal practice (including, for example, personal injury, property damage, insurance coverage, insurance subrogation, commercial collection and judgment enforcement) across Texas. He has served as trial counsel across Texas, including jury and/or bench trials in El Paso, Dallas, Sherman, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Liberty, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Victoria and Brownsville. He has tried cases in justice courts, county courts, district courts and federal courts. He has prosecuted and defended appellate matters in courts of appeals across Texas and in the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has experience briefing and presenting oral argument at the Texas Supreme Court.

In short, he has experience in disputes of all sizes, venues and complexities and has seen firsthand the costs associated with taking a case “all the way” versus the benefits of finding common ground as early as possible.

Most matters can be resolved in two to three hours, if the parties to the dispute are present in good faith. Mr. Fusselman will negotiate an appropriate mediation fee with you based upon the nature of the dispute and the amount of time required to try to work it out. The parties will each be responsible for the payment of a pro rata share of the agreed mediation fee and payment will be required prior to the beginning of the mediation.

Parties to a dispute who are willing to avoid the expense and uncertainty of going to trial may call Mr. Fusselman today at (713) 960-1619 to schedule a mediation to be held at a time and place convenient to all involved.

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