The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C. assists judgment holders and taxing authorities with judgment domestication and enforcement matters. Our clients can look forward to professional, quality domestication and enforcement service on their out-of-state judgments and governmental tax warrants, and we do it on a contingent fee basis.

Even when a judgment is entered against a debtor in another state, it can still be used to collect assets from that debtor in Texas. The legal procedure is referred to as “domesticating a foreign judgment.”

“Domesticating a foreign judgment” typically involves hiring a Texas attorney to file an Exemplified Copy of the out-of-state judgment in a Texas state district court in the Texas county where assets of the debtor are most likely to be found. Upon domestication of the foreign judgment, it becomes a final judgment in Texas; thereafter, Texas law controls the application and availability of all post-judgment remedies to be used to recover the monies owed under the judgment.

All types of out-of-state judgments and tax warrants are eligible to be domesticated in Texas, including judicial awards of damages, attorneys fees, imposition of fines and penalties, tax liens and/or any other type of property award.

Give us a call to discuss how The Fusselman Law Firm, P.C. can help you collect on your out-of-state judgments and tax warrants on a contingent fee basis, starting today.

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